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Annual 2015 U.S. Climate Report

The 2015 annual average U.S. temperature was 54.4ºF, 2.4º above the 20th century average, the second warmest year on record. This is the 19th consecutuve year the annual average temperature exceeded the 20th century average …Full article

North Carolina Experts See Hope in Climate Deal 12-28-15

The landmark agreement reached in Paris recently at the 21st United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, presents an opportunity for North Carolina to make the most of an inevitable push toward more renewable energy and less fossil fuels. The accord signed by 195 nations is intended to cut greenhouse gas emissions with the long-term goal to keep temperatures from rising above 2º C, when the most destuctive consequences would happen.  …Full article

The One Word That Almost Sank the Climate Talks 12-12-15

U.S. tactics during the negotiations included making a last-minute tweak to the text and amassing a huge coalition to help pressure China and India. Obama administratioin lawyers discovered early in the day that the latest draft text has a potentially deal-killing tweak: Deep in the document, in Article 4, was a line declaring that wealthier countries “shall” set economy-wide targets for cutting their greenhouse gas pollution …Full article

Ambition of Paris Climate Talks Rises by Half A Degree 12-10-15

It would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, but a new global deal to combat climate change appears poised to set the world a much more ambitious target than expected, even if achieving that goal is far out of reach for now …Full article

Surprisingly Good News for the Earth’s Climate: Greenhouse Gas Pollution Dropped This Year 12-7-15

Emissions of man-made greenhouse gases appear to have declined slightly in 2015, scientists said Monday, reflecting what experts say is an encouraging, though likely temporary, pause in the steady rise of pollutants blamed for climate change. Scientists say the drop is tangible evidence of changing behavior as more countries invest in renewable energy such as solar and wind power …Full article

Unsafe Climates 12-7-15

In Syria, the rainy season begins in November and ends in April. Only a third of the country’s farms have irrigation systems; the rest depend on what the season supplies them with, which, even in good years, isn’t all that much. In the winter of 2007, the rainy season never really began and may small farmers lost their herds and the prices of basic commodites more than doubled …Full article

Though Climate Change is a Crisis, the Population Threat is Even Worse 12-4-15

While the Paris climate summit focuses on global warming, the key issue is the prospect of 10 billion people on Earth …Full article

Check Out These Amazing Photos From the World’s Biggest Day of Climate Action Ever! 11-30-15

Hundreds of thousands of people joined an estimated 2,300 marches and actions in 175 countries over the weekend, demanding that the heads of state and negotiators in Paris pull together a strong deal to fight global warming, keep fossil fuels in the ground and shift to clean energy …Full article

“Bad News for the Planet,” Says the World Meteorological Organization 11-25-15

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reports that 2015 will set a variety of worrisome climate records due to manmade carbon pollution The 3-month average of Northern Hemispherre CO2 levels “crossed the 400 ppm barrier for the first time.” …Full article

There Was No Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ 40-Study Review Concludes 11-24-15

The new findings cast additional doubt on studies that found a pause in climate change Another scientific analysis has debunked the theory that global warming stalled 15 years ago. A similar finding by U.S. government scientists is at the center of a months-long probe led by Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House science committee …Full article

The Earth is on Track to End 2015 With an Average 1º C Warming 11-14-15

It’s all but certain that 2015 will end up as the hottest year on record. That would make 2015 the first year to crack the halfway mark of 2º C warming, the benchmark that’s been targeted as “safe” climage change and what nations are working toward meeting ahead of climate talks in Paris in December …Full article

Beyond Keystone: Why Climate Movement Must Keep the Heat On 11-10-15

It took a committed coalition and the increasingly harsh reality of climate change to push President Obama to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline. But sustained public pressure will now be needed to force politicians to take the next critical actions on climate …Full article Hitting Close to Home: Global Warming is Fueling Extreme Weather Across the U.S. Check out Environment America’s new interactive extreme weather map. This map shows weather-related disasters in the U.S. over the last 5 years and tells stories of the people and communities who have endured some of those disasters …Full article

What We Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy 10-29-15

Hurricane Sandy was an especially dangerous storm. Was Sandy the one time (100 year) exception or a harbinger of change? If Sandy is an indicator of the future, we need to focus on and to learn from this hazardous weather event …more

How Exxon Went From Leader to Skeptic on Climate Change Research 10-23-15

Throughout much of the 1980s, Exxon earned a reputation as a pioneer in climate change research. It sponsored workshops, funded academic research and conducted its own high-tech experiments exploring the science behind global warming. But by 1990, the company, in public, took a different posture …Full article

U.S. & China Climate Change Targets 10-2-15

U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change …more

We May Have Just Bought Ourselves An Extra Decade to Avoid Catastrophic Climate Change 9-28-15

Virtually every major country has made pledges to limit or reduce carbon pollution in advance of the Paris climate talks this December. These pledges generally end in 2025 or 2030, and so they only matter if the world keeps ratcheting down its greenhouse gas emissions in future agreements until we get near zero by century’s end …Full article

Pope Francis Unlikely to Sway Catholic Republicans on Climate Change 9-23-15

As Pope Francis steps up his moral campaign for global action on climage change, Republican Roman Catholics in Congress are more likely to listen to fossil fuel interests than their pontiff, religious and political researchers say, based on lawmakers’ track records …Full article

It’s Official: Summer 2015 Hottest Ever in Recorded History 9-18-15

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) announced that this past summer was the hottest on record globally. Global average temperatures for 2015 are far above those of the six warmest years on record. This summer, 11 states across the West nd Southeast were much warmer than average, according to NOAA …Full article

Exxon: The Road Not Taken 9-15-15

Exxon Confirmed Global Warming Consensus in 1982 with In-House Climate Models

The company chairman would later mock models as unreliable while he campaigned to stop global action to reduce fossil fuel emissions. Through much of the 1980s, Exxon researchers worked alongside university and government scientists to generate objective climate models that yielded papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Their work confirmed the emerging consensus on global warming’s risk …Full article

How Much of California’s Drought Was Caused by Climate Change? Scientists Now Have the Answer 8-20-15

Over the last few years, as California’s historic, four-year drought has intensified, scientists have found clues linking the extreme weather event to human-caused climate change …Full article

Feeling the Heat: Earth in July Was Hottest Month on Record 8-20-15

This past July was nearly 1.5º above average July temperature in the 20th century. “It just reaffirms what we already know: that the Earth is warming,” said NOAA climate scientist Jake Crouch. “The warming is accelerating and we’re really seeing it this year.” …Full article

Maryland Takes the Lead on Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings 8-19-15

Thanks to the advocacy of Earthjustice, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club and a groundbreaking decision from the state’s Public Service Commission, Maryland could serve as a model for other states …Full article

Glaciers ‘have shrunk to lowest levels in 120 years’ 8-4-15

Glaciers worldwide have shrunk to levels not seen in 120 years of record-keeping, with meliting accelerating in the first decade of the 21st century according to a recent study …Full article

365 Companies Throw Support Behind EPA’s Clean Power Plan 8-3-15

Sustainability advocacy group Ceres obtained signatures from 365 companies and investors for a letter it sent to 29 US governors, voicing support for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan …Full article

What’s Really Warming the World? 6-24-15

This chart will silence your friends who make excuses for climate change. The recent release of 11 research papers marked another milestone in the Environmental Defense Fund’s ongoing effort to understand the natural gas industry’s carbon footprint. …Full article

McKibben to Obama: You still have time to be a climate champion – but not much 6-11-15

To read Bill McKibben’s letter to President Obama click here

Monthly Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit New Milestone 5-7-15

For 800,000 years before the 20th century, carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere never exceeded 300 ppm (parts per million). The the Industrial Revolution began, and modern human civilization started burning through millions of years of fossilized carbon in the geological blink of an eye. Yesterday, NOAA scientists reported that in March 2015 the monthly average global carson dioxide level went above 400 ppm for the first time …Full article

Arctic Ice Melting Faster and Earlier as Scientists Demand Action 5-5-15

Arctic returns to warm period with trend over the decades continuing to show temperatures getting hotter and ice melting faster, scientists say. According to NOAA scientists, there was less ice in the Arctic this winter than any other winter tracked during the satillite era. The consequences are major and far-reaching …Full article

8 Things You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton and Climate Change 4-12-15

Now that Hillary has announced her candidacy and is poised to coast through the 2016 Democratic primary, would a Clinton presidency be similar to Obama’s concerning climate change? It seems the answer is yes. Clinton certainly seems to appreciate the seriousness of the threat of catastrophic climate change and supports domestic policies and international agreements to reduce carbon emissions …Full article

Global Summary Information 3-15

According to the National Climatic Data Center, March 2015 and first quarter of year warmest on record; Arctic sea ice extent smallest on record for the month of March. During March, the average temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was 1.53ºF above the 20th century average. This surpasses the previous record in 2010 by .09ºF …Full article

Opinion: Hope Springs Eternal 3-20-15

After years of false prospects on climate change breakthroughs, seven reasons for new hope. 1) The numbers on wind and solar are finally beginning to add up impressively. 2) Non-Usual suspects are taking up the discussion 3) Global carbon emissions flatlined in 2014. 4) The embarassments for hardcore deniers are beginning to add up. 5) Beyond a few celebrated columnists, other media are now wide awake. 6) Divestment is showing a few big wins and beginning to work. 7) Some U.S. political operatives are getting louder about Republican climate denial being a dead end. …Full article

President Obama Orders Cuts in Federal Greenhouse Emissions 3-19-15

President Obama signed an Executive Order to cut the Federal Government’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% from 2008 levels, saving taxpayers $18 billion in energy costs …more

The Right Warms Up to Climate Change 3-18-15

Conservatives are definitely moving in the direction of endorsing climate change. Just don’t ask them to blame humans yet. Four years ago Richard Muller, a UC-Berkeley physics professor, began releasing the results of a sweeping 2-year climate study. It confirmed what the overwhelming majority of other climate studies has also found: that the earth was warming and humans were almost entirely responsible. What set Muller’s study apart was that prior to the release of the study, he had been known as a leading climate-change skeptic …Full article

The Melting of Antarctica Was Already Really Bad. It just got worse. 3-16-15

A hundred years from now, humans may remember 2014 as the year that we first learned that we may have irreversibly destabiized the great ice sheet of West Antarctica, and thus set in motion more than 10 feet of sea level rise. Americans should take note-when the bottom of the world loses vast amounts of ice, those of us living closer to its top get more sea level rise than the rest of the planet, thanks to the law of gravity …Full article

Climate Change Can Skew Fish Gender Ratios 3-10-15

Scientists find that zebrafish exposed to hormone-disrupting chemical pollution produce abnormal numbers of male offspring, especially in increasingly warmer water. LONDON – Climate change seems to make everything worse – at least for some wild creatures. British scientists have just confirmed that higher temperatures could amplify the impact of hormone-disrupting chemicals that already pollute the environment …Full article

Kids Are Smarter Than Senators on Climate Change, and This Poll Proves It! 3-10-15

Every kid forever has dreamt of bossing around a bunch of authoritive grown-ups. On Capital Hill, six teens met with climate-denying GOP senators to school them on elementary-level climate science …Full article

Leaked Email Reveals Who’s Who List of Climate Denialists 3-6-15

A network of pundits and scientists is consulted about stopping release of “Merchants of Doubt,” a documentary film that exposes their work …more

We Are Already Seeing the First Examples of How Climate Change Will Leave Us All Thirsty 3-3-15

Climate change is reshaping the world in a big way. Rising temperatures, melting ice, and suging seas are just a few of the obvious effects that we’re already observing. In fact, climate change is threatening one of our planet’s most precious and necessary resources: our water …Full article

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen Introduces the Healthy Climate and Family Security Act of 2015 2-25-15

On February 24, Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) proposed HR 5721, the Health Climate and Family Security Act of 2015. The bill would create a ‘carbon cap and dividend’ system, meaning 100% of the funds generated from autioning off carbon permits would be passed on equally to every US resident with a social security number. …more

Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher 2-21-15

For years, politicians wanting to block legislation on climate change have bolstered their arguements by pointing to the work of a handful of scientists who claim that greenhouse gases pose little risk to humanity …Full article

Miami is Already Sinking Under Rising Sea Levels 2-18-15

You don’t have to look 85 years into the future to see what a sinking world looks like – you only need to look as far as Miami …Full article

8 Reasons to be Optimistic About the Climate Movement in 2015 2-16-15

  1. Fronline Communities are Leading
  2. Pope Francis will issue an edict on climate change
  3. Success of divestment movement
  4. New York banned fracking
  5. The year we stop the Keystone XL pipeline
  6. Kids putting climate change on trial
  7. Building toward Paris
  8. RYSE ...Full article

A 50th Anniversary Few Remember: LBJ’s Warning on Carbon Dioxide 2-2-15

Fifty years ago this month President Johnson’s science advisors delivered the first warning about rising greenhouse gas emissions to a sitting president. On February 8, he warned Congress about altering the atmosphere with carbon emissions. Above, climate scientist Roger Revelle shakes hands with Johnson in the Oval Office. Photo courtesy Roger Revelle Papers, Special Collections & Archives, University of California, San Diego …more

Majority of Americans Support Government Action on Climate Change 1-30-15

A recent poll by The NY Times, Stanford University and the nonpartisan environmental research group Resouces for the Future shows that an overwhelming majority, including nearly half of Republicans, back government steps to curb global warming. The poll also found that two-thirds of Americans said they were more likely to vote for political candidates who campaign on fighting climate change …Full article

This General Rescued New Orleans-Now He Wants to Save the World 1-27-15

Russel Honoré says pollution is a national security threat The 67-year-old retire lieutenant general, seen here addressing members of the Green Army, doesn’t fit the stereotype of your typical green activist. Many soldiers called him “The Ragin’ Cajun,” though he is in fact a Louisana Creole. Though retired, his soldiering days aren’t over. He’s now the leader of the Green Army, a coalition of Gulf Coast residents taking on pollution in their region …Full article

New Video from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Shows Perennial Sea Ice is Melting 1-21-15

Perennial sea ice stays frozen year round but is melting at a steady rate since 1979. the chart below show the decline using measurements taken every September, when the ice reaches its minimum for the year.

Ice is reflective and helps beam much of the sun’s energy back into space. The darker ocean absorbs the heat and this contributes to the warming of the world’s oceans …more

Climate Advocates Shift Focus to State Action in 2015 1-2-15

Concluding that global warming will be a toxic topic in the newly elected Congress, climate movement leaders say they will press for action by state and local authorities while encouraging President Obama to advance his agenda for fighting climate change …Full article

Map Shows Rise in Temperature Trends in the US by State 2015

Based on thermometer records from weather stations you can click on your state and see how temperatures have changed. This site compares the global warming with temperature trends at local levels …Find your state

The Climate Science Behind New England’s Historic Blizzard 1-26-15

According to Dr. Kevin Trenberth, former head of the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a “big part” of the epic blizzard bearing down on New England is due to “human-induced climate change.”

Before this latest storm, we’ve seen a long-term pattern of more extreme precipitation, particularly in New England winters. Climate scientists have long predicted this would happen in a warming world …Full article

Sea Level Rise Accelerating More Than Once Thought 1-14-15

A new study shows that the world’s oceans are now rising far faster than they did in the past. the study found that for much of the 20th century — until about 1990 — sea level was about 30% less than earlier research has figured. But that’s no good news, because about 25 years ago the seas started rising faster and the acceleration in 1990 turns out to be more dramatic than previously calculated, triggered by melting ice sheets in Greenland and West Antarctica and shrinking glaciers, triggered by man-made global warming …Full article

Could Global Tide Be Starting to Turn Against Fossil Fuels? 1-13-15

Boom may be turning to bust for fossil fuels. Market forces are combining with the prospect of new limits on carbon emissions from major economies such as China and the US to prick the carbon bubble. Many anaylsts are now suggesting that — with prices falling and production costs rising — the coming year could be the moment when investors realize the game is up for the coal and oil industries …Full article

The best way to get people to save energy isn’t through their pocketbook. To save power, appeal to health benefits 1-12-15

Conventional wisdom holds that the most effective way to get people to save energy is to show them how much money they’ll save. Turns out there’s a more efficient approach.

Reminders of the environmental health benefits of cutting electricity use are far more powerful motivation, scientists found in research published recently in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science …Full article

Snowmageddon Redux 2015

6 years after the Snowmageddon of 2010 buries the Washington DC area in up to 30″ of snow, another major winter storm is poised to unload upwards of 30″ of snow in the US capital, while threatening the Atlantic seaboard with hurricane-level storm surge …Full article