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Biodiversity and Animal Welfare are Paramount for These Second-Generation North Carolina Farmers 10-24-19

Worth and Hillary Kimmel apply high welfare standards in their intensive, multi-species grazing and are growing ‘beyond organic’ crops with minimal inputs. Read more at Civil Eats

Trump administration allows pork slaughterhouses to have fewer USDA inspectors 09-17-19

The new rule also allows plants to run their processing lines as fast as they like.

The Trump administration will allow pork plants to reduce the number of Department of Agriculture line inspectors assigned to them and run their slaughter lines without any speed limit under a new rule intended to modernize an antiquated inspection system. Read more at NBC News

Can This Radical Approach to Dairies Save US Farms? 03-11-19

Canada’s practice of limiting milk production ensures a stable market for its dairy farmers. It’s also being touted as a potential solution to the US dairy crisis. Read more at Civil Eats

Undercover Investigations Will Be Legal Again at Iowa Animal Farms 01-10-19

On Thursday the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa struck down the Iowa Ag-Gag law, holding that the ban on undercover investigations at factory farms and slaughterhouses violates the First Amendment. Read more at EcoWatch