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USDA Gives in to Big ‘Organic’ Poultry, Moves to Withdraw New Animal Welfare Rules 12-18-17

Monday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) formally proposed withdrawing a set of rules finalized at the end of the Obama administration that establish stronger, more enforceable animal welfare requirements for certified organic producers. Read more at EcoWatch

Organic Industry Sues USDA To Push For Animal Welfare Rules 09-13-17

The organic eggs in your grocery store are supposed to come from chickens that have year-round access to the outdoors. That’s according to long-standing organic regulations.

But a huge battle has erupted over what “access to the outdoors” actually means. And it’s now led to a lawsuit: The Organic Trade Association, which represents most organic food companies, is suing the government, demanding that it implement new rules that require organic egg producers to give their chickens more room to roam. Read more at NPR

The Battle For Transparency on North Carolina Factory Farms 06-26-17

In 2015, an animal rights activist working at a poultry farm in Rockingham County, North Carolina, used a hidden video camera to capture a 22-year-old poultry worker kicking, throwing, and stomping on chickens. Read more at Civil Eats

Tech Trends That Are Changing the World for Animals—for the Better! 02-09-17

Many of us just couldn’t wait for 2016 to be over, and now 2017 is off to a rocky start as well. What better way to cheer ourselves up than to take a peek at some technology trends that are revolutionizing the world for animals? Read more on Vegan Outreach