Special Donations

In this space, we give special recognition to those individuals mentioned on contributions received during recent months, largely in response to our annual fund drive. These include present and past associates of our Council, family members, friends and others who have taken part in protecting the environment.

We want to thank especially those who made these donations and to express again how much we appreciate their thoughtful support of Rachel Carson Council and our work.

For your convenience, you can now make donations on-line with your credit card.

Special donations from 2005 on were sent to us for the following individuals:

Donations received
“in Memory of”
Donations received
“in Honor of”
Humayun Abdulali (of the Bombay Natural History Society)
Ruth N. Arsem
Isaac Asimov
Margaret H. Bacon
Carmella Barone
Marjorie Benoit
Jack Berkson
Stella G. Birnberg
Murray L. Bob
May Bourque
Lee Frances Bowler
James F. Brennan
Charlotte Brewer
Mike Brewer
Shirley A. Briggs
William C. Burnette. Thank you Mackay!
Bill and Rose Buselmeier
Barbara Caminati
Rachel Carson
Eileen Brachen Caslow
Melvin R. Cohen
Dr. Stephen Collins, Ph.D.
Walter H. Corson, II
Ernest B. (EB) Dane, III
Former RCC Board Member)
Jeanne V. Davis
Linda Dumas
Susan Hollely Edwards
Margery Emond
Louis Feldner
Fritz Faiss
Lillian Farrell
Cynthia Thompson French
William Hobson Fricke
Jean Craighead George
Joel Gove
Keith Gove
Mary Bates Griffith
Elizabeth DeBullet Hall
Ernest A. Halliday
Fann Harding
Rene Heidtke
Harriet Heyer
Suzanne Humpstone
Holly Hungerford
Elizabeth Lee Jens
Jean Stack Jones
Vincent C. Jones
Erik Kaufman
Steven Kaufman
Paul J. and Rose Jenn Kaufman
Agnes Dodds Kinard
Burton Kollmer
Eva Le Gallienne
Luna Lester
Betsey Levin
Dr. William Lijinsky
Peter DeWitt Luff
Peter Lyman
Solange MacArthur
Clara Marshall
Dr. William Mattox
Theresa Rose Mayor
David Black McGrath
Michele McLeod
Dorothy J. McMichael
Kathryn (Kitty) Mead
Arnold & Elsie Meyersburg
John More
Brew family • John Meserve • Christine Saegesser Baethge • Andrew William Smith David Hickenlooper • Pat and Nick Spencer • Kat Tenney • Emily Vitale Louis Somma • Sylvia Mahaffey • Kat Tenney, Hazel Broadnax •
Jeanne Meserve • Louise R. Wall • George W. Rapp, Jr. • Brenda Sandler • Jonathan and Mimi McBride • Bob and Caryn Musil • Ross and Jeannette Feldner • Richard J. Mandel • Livezey More
Dorothy C. Muller
Senator Gaylord Nelson
Dr. Earl & Lucille Netzow
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Mary Pillette
Dr. Frederick William (Bill) Plapp
Ann Powel
Joyce Powell
Dr. Theron Randolph
Barbara Rathbone
Rev. Linda Reinhardt
Eleanor & Geoffrey Reyner
Althea Riley
Ginny Rivera
Edward Lee Rogers (Lee Rogers),
Enviromental Lawyer and Director of RCC
Rose D. Rosenburg
Lin Roth
Dr. Robert Rudd
Charlotte Ryde
Jane Rynders
Dorothy Seif
Mary Seiler
Henry & Gertrude Sharp
Professor Henry S. Sharp
Charles Simon
Marjorie Smigel
Louise Smith
St. John Smith
Caroline P. Stoel
Walkin’ Jim Stoltz
Arthur Strauss
Arthur Earl Tice
Arthur J. Tice
Joan Trotta
Patty Wallace
W. Bruce Ward
Helen King Weis
Evelyn Shaffer Wilcox
August and Dorothy Wullner
Extinct creatures
Animals impacted by the environment who have no voice
June Allen
Pamela Bayne, Triangle Wildlife
Dr. Art Beaudoin
Deb Bowker
Rachel Carson
Frank Cockrell
Deborah Covi’s son’s birthday
Bill Currie
Maggie Dees
F. Earl Denny
Jeanne Marie Ekstrom
Lilian Farrell
Ross A. Feldner
Ruth Fisher
Matt and Terri Foosaner
Charlotte Fremaux
Ann Gearhart
Ellie Goldberg
Gabriel Pan Goodman
Benjamin Gott
Christopher Gott
Pat Greenawald
Clifford C. Hall
Mary Harter
Dr. Greg Harrison and Linda Bonte Harrison
Holly Hungerford
Kendall Jefferys
Jim and Sandy Jones
Dr. John Judson
Ann Marie Judson
Gerald Kananen, Ph.D.
Billie Karel
Ellen Harvey Kelly
Heyfa Khenissi
Rachel Kobasa
Dr. William Robert Lamar
Mary June Larson
Linda Lear
Dr. J. Hillary Lee
Dr. Michael Liddel
Dr. Bob Little
Audrey Magnuson
Hendree Mason
David McGrath
Michele McLeod
Munro Meyersburg
John More (from the Sommas)
Dr. Jane Morse
Dr. Robert K. Musil
National Conservation Training Center
Nora and Desmond
Matthew Newman of Rutgers University
Ocean City Organics
Sanford Phippen
Mackay Pierce’s April Birthday and all of your hard work!
Gayle Pilat
Dr. David Pimentel
Dr. Diana Post
Lee Prouty
Pyramid Studio (Ellsworth, Maine)
Q. R.
Ray and Mary Ratliff
Jay Reynolds
Ann Rhodes
Lee Rodgers
Natalie Schmidt
Sallie Sebrell
Toshi and Pete Seeger
Marjorie Smigel
Priscilla Stevens
Kate Campbell Stevenson
Laura M. Sojka
Patrik Svensson
Dr. Lee Talbot
Martha Hayne Talbot
Michael Talbot
Dr. and Mrs. A. Hale Vandermer
Claudia Joy Wingo
Alexandra Wisner
Torj and Kurt Wray
Efforts to remove pesticides in our town
(Woodbridge, CT)
Endangered Species
Remembering Animal Friends

Bailey Barry the Owl
Bob Cat
Cosette, The Cat
Pooh Bear
Steven Thomas
ZoeyHomer – a wild pigeon
Pepps – a wild mouse