Duke University

rcc president and ceo Robert K. Musil speaking at DukeRachel Carson Council President, Dr. Robert K. Musil, presented the Lynn W. Day Distinguished Lecture on behalf of the Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment, the Duke History Department, and the Forest History Society.

Musil’s lecture “Before and After Rachel Carson: Women and the Environmental Movement, From Forests to Fracking” was held in the Field Auditorium of Duke’s newly-opened Environment Hall, a state-of-the-art LEED-certified platinum building.

Image of the new Environment Hall at Duke

Duke’s new Environment Hall (LEEDĀ platinum)

Over the last twenty-five years, Lynn W. Day lecturers have included some of the most distinguished environmental historians in the U.S. including John H. McNeill, William Cronon, Rodney Nash, Char Miller, Robert Gottlieb, and Donald Worster.

Musil also met with faculty, staff, and students at Duke which joined the Rachel Carson Campus Network.