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Recent News

• Reality Check: Climate Action and Commitments of the Fortune Global 500
• Biden may be the first president to take the risks of extreme heat seriously
• House to Investigate Oil Industry’s Efforts to Undermine Climate Science
• The climate costs of keeping Line 5 open would be very high

Three-Fourths of the Worlds Planned Coal Projects Scrapped Since 2015

A new report has found that since the 2015 signing of the Paris agreement, more than 75% of the world’s planned coal plant projects have been scrapped, and 44 countries have no future coal plans whatsoever.

Turning Hog Waste into Biogas: Green Solution or Greenwashing?

North Carolina’s industrial-scale hog farms have long been a major source of pollution. Smithfield Foods now plans to turn some hog waste into biogas, but critics say the project does nothing about the larger problem of waste being stored in lagoons and sprayed on fields.

The Summer from Hell

In the nineties, when it was novel, I used to run around shouting about climate change, “It’s not just polar bears and penguins, it’s people, too!”

‘We will have a really long, long memory’: Greens calling businesses’ bluff on climate change

Activists want the companies that have called for federal climate action to get behind the $3.5 trillion package: “We will have a really long, long memory.”

Barry the Owl Brought Us Together. What Will We Do Without Her?

A community formed in Central Park around a barred owl with a charming, people-friendly personality. Saying goodbye isn’t easy.

A historically Black town stood in the way of a pipeline – so developers claimed it was mostly white

When residents in Union Hill, Virginia, decried the pipeline as a form of environmental racism, the energy company insisted it wasn’t.