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Recent News

• “Season Creep” is Affecting Fall Folliage
• New Study Suggests Healing Targeted Ecosystems Can Restore Earth’s Climate
• Farmers Have Long Memories: Trump’s Climate Record Could Hurt Him in Iowa
• Feeling the Heat
• Why voting rights are climate rights: Two experts talk GOTV

Protection for the Rich, Retreat for the Poor

How the United States’ implementation of climate change adaptation programs is exacerbating inequality and breeding a new form of climate gentrification.

Airborne radioactivity increases downwind of fracking, study finds

Particles released by drilling could damage the health of nearby residents, say scientists

What If I Never Saw This Again?

I try to freeze frame this tranquil moment in my mind. What if I never see it again?

Are We Prepared?

As the Mariner East pipelines become a permanent underpinning of Pennsylvania, secrecy and a patchwork of emergency plans have left many communities in the dark about what to do in case of an accident.

Kamala Harris makes Amy Coney Barrett’s climate views a campaign issue

Questions about how the Supreme Court would rule on climate cases are now officially a campaign issue.

Cargo Vessels Are Killing More Whales — A New Effort Aims to Save Them

A blue whale can weigh as much as 200 tons and consume 12,000 pounds of krill in a single day. But even the largest animal on Earth doesn’t stand a chance against a fast-moving cargo ship.