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Recent News

• Biden administration bans drilling around native American cultural site
• Amazon workers walk out amid layoffs, citing concerns for climate
• Another target of GOP spending cuts: renewables for farmers
• The Supreme Court Just Gutted the Clean Water Act

‘Six times the size of Yosemite’: the new tribal sanctuary off the super-rich California coast

Viewed by the Chumash people as their ancestral home, the Native American tribe is behind the first Indigenous-led initiative to protect the ocean and repair its damaged ecosystem.

Burning trash for the planet? Climate cash sets off branding frenzy.

Incinerators, plastics companies and big agriculture among polluters racing to position as green as billions in federal subsidies flow.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Rachel Carson

Walking with binoculars around my neck, as I often do, I have never known how to answer when a friendly passerby says, “Are you a birdwatcher? Seen anything interesting?” I want to reply, “It’s all interesting!”

As Plastics Keep Piling Up, Can ‘Advanced’ Recycling Cut the Waste?

Proponents of a process called pyrolysis — including oil and gas companies — contend it will keep post-consumer plastics out of landfills and reduce pollution.

Chart: Clean energy investment to hit $1.7T, widening lead on fossil fuels

That’s more than the $1 trillion oil, gas and coal will get this year — but still a far cry from the $4 trillion IEA says will be needed annually by 2030.

For the Birds: Memory and Endangered Species

I was surrounded by realistic dioramas with birds in their natural habitat, including one by noted ornithologist Frank Chapman depicting large wading species threatened with extinction by hunters in Florida.