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Recent News

• Majority of Americans Support Clean Energy By 2035
• What’s the true cost of shipping all your junk across the ocean?
• The Western Drought Is a Crisis for Migrating Birds, Too
• Stuck in the Smoke as Billionaires Blast Off
• New Study Proves EVs Already More Sustainable
• Breast cancer: Hundreds of chemicals identified as potential risk factors

The Trickster

In some Native American legends, the Blue Jay was a revered trickster who worked with foxes and coyotes. But because of their loud vocalizations, others have thought of Blue Jays as gossips, looked upon as noisy, arrogant, and selfish birds.

Pushing Plastic: Who Is Responsible?

In August of 1955, LIFE magazine featured a short article called “Throwaway Living.” It was accompanied by a large, black and white photograph of an American family joyously hurling a symphony of Styrofoam, paper, and plastic plates, cups, straws, utensils, napkins, and serving trays into the air.

The Summer from Hell

In the nineties, when it was novel, I used to run around shouting about climate change, “It’s not just polar bears and penguins, it’s people, too!”

RCC Joins more than 500 environmental groups to pan carbon capture plans

‘There are still no projects operating anywhere in the world that have delivered on time, on budget, or in the quantities promised.’

Descendants Of Slaves Say This Proposed Grain Complex Will Destroy The Community

A bitter fight has broken out between the powerful backers of this major new grain terminal on the Mississippi River in south Louisiana and the historic Black community that has been here for 150 years.

Climate Resilience is Not Enough for Florida

Governor DeSantis has shown he does have the ability to rally bipartisan support behind climate adaptation policy when he thinks it will benefit his political standing.