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    The RCC, founded in 1965, is the national environmental organization envisioned by Rachel Carson to carry on her work after her death.
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    We promote Carson's ecological ethic that combines scientific concern for the environment and human health with a sense of wonder and reverence for all forms of life in order to build a sustainable, just, and peaceful future.
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    Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.—Rachel Carson
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Recent News

• 2019 On Track to Be Earth’s Third Warmest Year on Record, NOAA Says
• Supreme Court Upholds Virginia’s Ban on Uranium Mining
• Challenge from Clean Air Groups Forces NC Wood Pellet Factory to Install Pollution Controls
• Climate Change-Fueled Valley Fever is Hitting Farmworkers Hard

U.S. Forests Are Being Devastated to Supply Biomass Energy Industry, Report Finds

According to the UN’s biodiversity report released last month, forests in the U.S. Southeast are being logged at four times the rate as those in the Amazon.

The Incredible Link Between Nature and Your Emotions

More and more evidence suggests that nature does something essential for our mental health

Whose Climate Plan Is It?

Since the main, viable candidates for President are all concerned about climate change, examining the details, sources, biases, and omissions of any climate plan is critical.

Pennsylvanians demand a fracking halt until rare childhood cancers are investigated

After a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette investigation identified 47 cases of childhood cancer in rural PA counties, locals are calling on Gov. Wolf to investigate a possible link between fracking & childhood cancer.

The uphill battle for communities that ban pesticides

As cities and counties across the US restrict or ban pesticides, many are realizing passing a law is but a battlefield victory in a prolonged war.

Why Low-Income Households Need to Be Part of the Clean Energy Revolution

Tony Reames focuses his work on the growing energy divide between rich & poor Americans and talks about why it is important to give low-income communities better access to affordable clean energy technologies.