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Recent News

• The Supreme Court’s climate decision came out of a decades-long campaign to kneecap regulation
• Green energy jobs are on the rise as fossil fuel companies lose workers
• Logging is destroying southern forests — and dividing US environmentalists
• June heat waves smash records across the globe

The climate math just got harder

The Supreme Court has issued one of the most important environmental rulings ever, which will make the battle against global warming even more difficult.

Native American tribes to co-manage national monument for first time

The unprecedented agreement gives five tribes more input in the management of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

Environmentalists and Roe v. Wade?

The revelation that the Supreme Court is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade brought me back to the 1990s in the Valley Medical Center in Brownsville, Texas on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Song of Wonder – The Veery

“The song of the Veery is one of the most magical and exquisite in the bird world. It is an ethereal downward spiral of flutey notes with an echoing, ventriloquial quality”. – Frank Chapman, author of Bird Life (1897)

Can Rachel Carson and Citizen Science Still Inspire?

“This notion that ‘science’ is something that belongs in a separate compartment of its own, apart from everyday life, is one that I should like to challenge.” — Rachel Carson accepting the 1952 National Book Award for The Sea Around Us.

Dolphins Use New York Harbor as a Feeding Ground, Study Finds

When you think of the New York Harbor, you might imagine boats, skyscrapers, a noisy traffic on the nearby streets of NYC. What you may not expect to find are dolphins.