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Recent News

  • How Biden Beat the Clock on Big Environmental Regs
  • The World is Farming More Seafood Than it Catches. Is That a Good Thing?
  • Coming Soon to a Lake Near You: Floating Solar Panels
  • Real-time Data Show the Air in Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’ is Even Worse Than Expected

The British Are Coming! The Invasion of California’s Forests?

In the midst of wildfires, drought, infestations and wild storms, California’s forests face yet another incursion, one that perhaps is not all that new: British expansion.

Echoes of “Silent Spring”: How the Wood Pellet Industry Will Silence Birds Rachel Weaver

I first read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring while sitting on my porch in the evenings after school.

Where the Eagles Soared: Are We Losing Our Land and Our History?

I wrote this photo essay in 2019 about the growing danger of the disappearance of Black history, of environmental justice, and of the wonderful wildlife in the rivers and estuaries of historic Eastern Shore, Maryland, because of climate change, sea-level rise, and the need for more Americans to take action.

The Fossil Fuel Financed Misinformation Machine

Growing up in southern Louisiana, the outsized influence fossil fuel companies had on my state’s economy was always apparent.

Rough Seas for a Chumash Marine Area

No one said addressing climate change would be easy. In fact, it’s widely recognized that there is no silver bullet that can magically erase decades of greenhouse gas emissions or immediately restore degraded habitats.

Staging Change: Theater and the Environment?

Growing up performing in plays and musicals, I’ve been aware of how theater can convey powerful messages by immersing audiences in stories that create empathy and understanding.