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Recent News

• The fossil fuel origins of ‘gaslighting’
• Despite Biden’s promises, logging still threatens old forests and U.S. climate goals
• Herschel Walker, South Park, and the Prius: How loving gas-guzzlers became political
• How Floating Wetlands Are Helping to Clean Up Urban Waters
• Letters from an American

The U.S. Promised Tribes They Would Always Have Fish, but the Fish They Have Pose Toxic Risks

For decades, the U.S. government has failed to test for chemicals and metals in fish. So, we did. What we found was alarming for tribes.

Giving Thanks for a Beloved Sugar Maple

A majestic tree is fading fast. For the people who loved it, it’s like losing a family member.

Birds or Guns?

An American hero, Florence Merriam Bailey, set off one of the biggest crazes in American history. Birdwatching. Yes. Birdwatching. There are now an estimated 67 million birders throughout the nation, (about 20% of us) a number that continues to grow.

Where did the PFAS in your blood come from? These computer models offer clues

New research could help pinpoint “forever chemicals” exposure — giving communities a roadmap for cleanup and individuals direction on what to avoid.

Poultry Farm Aerial Investigations

The goal of the flight was to identify farms in the White Oak River Basin and look for permit violations that can lead to contamination in waterways.

Report details how Biden can protect 30 percent of U.S. lands and waters by 2030 without Congress

During U.N. climate change negotiations the United States signaled its support for the adoption of language calling for phasing down the use of fossil fuels.