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Recent News

  • What Project 2025 Would Do to Climate Policy in the US
  • Amazingly, Forests Are Still Sucking Up as Much Carbon as They Were 30 Years Ago. But There’s a Catch.
  • The People Who Feed America Are Going Hungry
  • The Surprisingly Simple Way Cities Could Save People From Extreme Heat

Dance and Environmental Justice

Dance has the power to transform communities by drawing on narratives and evoking emotions. Kinesthetic learning, which involves physical and visual activity to process information, actually helps improve critical and analytical thinking.

Is Solar a Farmer’s Enemy?

Recently when gathering news about solar energy developments, I discovered that officials in Lexington, Kentucky are petitioning to stop a proposed solar farm.

Where the Eagles Soared: Are We Losing Our Land and Our History?

I wrote this photo essay in 2019 about the growing danger of the disappearance of Black history, of environmental justice, and of the wonderful wildlife in the rivers and estuaries of historic Eastern Shore, Maryland, because of climate change, sea-level rise, and the need for more Americans to take action.

Sounding Orcas on Monterey Bay

The waves tossed and caught our weight like a plaything. I tucked the audio recorder into my pocket and braced against the wind. My headphones slipped forward, exposing my ears and cracking open the fresh noise.


Latino farmworkers risk their health working under threat of pesticide exposure. José Soria refused to keep working on a sweet potato field in North Carolina.

Riding the Wave of Renewable Energy

In general, tidal power is the method of harnessing the natural movement of the tides caused by the moon’s gravitational pull and the rotation of the Earth to turn a turbine and generate electricity.