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Recent News

• Northeast US: Walking, Biking Could Save Billions
• There’s a clear fix to helping Black communities fight pollution
• The Climate Crisis and Wall Street
• This $9 billion plan could bring Biden’s conservation corps to life
• What’s Really Behind Corporate Promises on Climate Change?

The key to making sound climate policy? Rein in (or win over) utilities monopolies.

Now that we’ve had a couple weeks to process all that went wrong in Texas, people are paying more attention to the national electricity landscape, how it functions, and who’s in charge.

DivestVU, Dores Divest hold an over 30-person protest at Vanderbilt’s Kirkland Hall

Dores Divest’s 14-foot-mystical creature, an orange unicorn, made an appearance on Library Lawn at 2 p.m. CST and marched with students to Kirkland Hall.

The Gift of a Cardinal

I focus my binoculars on a brilliant male cardinal — its scarlet body, the black around its bill, its distinguished crest, its elegant, slowly flicking tail. I am struck by its beauty against the white of snow and dark green of holly.

Decline of Coal shows Gov’t Policy, Renewables crucial to Reducing Carbon Emissions: The Market isn’t Enough

Low natural gas prices nor the adoption of renewable energy significantly reduced the life of coal units.

Empire State Building Realty Trust Now 100% Powered by Wind

This is a major step forward in New York City’s commitment to divesting fossil fuels.

Mississippi biomass facility fined for emitting three times more air pollution than permitted

Wood pellet manufacturing plants have underreported emissions at plants throughout the South, which are most often in Black and low-income communities.