The Rachel Carson Campus Network (RCCN) promotes education, research, and civic engagement on campuses nationwide around environmental health, social justice, and climate change.

The RCCN builds alliances between 40 colleges and universities with the goal of engaging a diverse array of advocates, including students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as communities and advocacy organizations off campus. Our mechanisms for action include curricular development, coordinating research partnerships, conducting advocacy trainings and creating calls-to-action with the goal of advancing sustainable and equitable policy.

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Yale’s Kroon Hall

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  1. Coordinate a speaking engagement on Rachel Carson’s Values and Modern Environmental Advocacy with Dr. Robert K. MusilRachel Carson is well-known for igniting the modern ecological movement and inspiring college students. She linked public health specialists, oceanographers, marine biologists, radiation specialists, epidemiologists, and more in her effort to expose the negative health effects of pesticides. With her friends and colleagues, Carson created a growing network of concerned and caring campus environmentalists on campus and beyond. Dr. Robert K. Musil, PhD, MPH is President and CEO of the Rachel Carson Council and a leader on global sustainability, environmental health, and preparing leaders in higher education to effectively advocate at state and national levels. In his presentations, Dr. Musil introduces students to the values that drove Rachel Carson’s research, how she translated research into action, and how young people can drive policy change and social movements today.


  1. RCC at Maryland’s Power Dialog, 2016

    Join a campus cluster by contacting  Zoë Ackerman, Associate Program Director and Campus Coordinator. RCCN currently coordinates clusters in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and New England. Three active campuses constitute a cluster. Active campuses maintain regular contact with staff members Zoë Ackerman and Elijah Brunson, and work with the RCC to identify cross-campus needs around environmental justice, community-based research and action, advocacy skills trainings, and voter participation. The RCC also routinely convenes panels and presentations at national conferences in Washington, DC and elsewhere, raising the profile of specific issues and bringing leaders together across different backgrounds.

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