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Rachel Carson and Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch looks like a Supreme Court justice, right? Distinguished, handsome, trim, trim suit, silver hair, silver speaking tones, male, white.

Horticultural Homicide

Watching PEPCO, the local power company, and luxury home developers slowly decimate the mature shade trees throughout my suburban Bethesda neighborhood is making a serious tree hugger out of me.

Trump is Trumped by a Towhee

Donald Trump is trying to raise my cortisol levels. Or increase my wine consumption.

Touched by a Flying Squirrel?

OK. This is embarrassing. I got excited because I saw a rodent. Understand, it was one I had not seen in nearly forty years. And then it was at night.

Should Scientists Speak Out?

Galileo was arrested and excommunicated for challenging, with evidence from his early telescope, the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrine that the sun circled the earth.

Earth Day Texas – Big, Boisterous, and Bi-Partisan?

Earth Day Texas (Earth DayTx) is as big and boisterous as the Lone Star State itself. And, it’s as full of contradictions as the contemporary, huge environmental movement.